About Pukaar

About Pukaar

With the support of kids living near his house, Bhuvnesh Ojha sowed the seeds of Pukaar Foundation on March 10, 2013, now a leading NGO in Udaipur. What started off as a seemingly self-funded tree plantation drive for the initial eight months has now grown into a vast youth run organization spreading awareness about tree plantation all over the country. The tree plantation projects taken up by Pukaar send out a strong message to everyone in order to help secure a better future for the generations to come. We are an NGO working for tree plantation who strive to make each effort a step closer to nature. 

Starting November 10, 2013, Pukaar started their weekly tree planting activity every Sunday. Pukaar organizes plantation activities in Udaipur and Banswara which is why we are one of a youth NGO in Rajasthan.

Pukaar’s vision and Mission

We wish to encourage the youth of the country to move towards a greener India and pay back to Mother Earth in gratitude. Pukaar is an NGO in Udaipur whose chief focus has always been on giving back to nature in one way or the other. It is an NGO working for tree plantation, water and soil conservation paving the way for tomorrow where the grass is not just greener on the other side, but everywhere we look at.

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